Market Research & Event Organization

We carry out an analysis of the market segment that our clients need and we offer them the most complete information that allows them to make the best decisions about their potential audience. We organize all kinds of events for our clients aimed at making their commercial proposal visible.

Partner Search & Institutional Relationships

In the case of requiring a local partner, we look for the best and present a short list to the client so that it is he who decides with whom to do business. In addition, we help them establish the best relations with all their counterparts, as well as with the Spanish public institutions and authorities.

Legal & Tax Consulting

Once our client is ready to start operating in Spain, we offer the best legal advice so that he can start up his company in our country. In addition, we provide tax advice so that our clients pay only what is fair.

Marketing & Communications Consulting

If required, we also offer our clients a marketing and communications team capable of growing their business in Spain.

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